Cafe Panorama Laavu – A Scenic Café in Levi

Laavu is closed!

Café Panorama Laavu is located close to Levi front slopes. There is a 300 meter scenic path to the Laavu from the parking lot of Levi Summit. In the Laavu, you can enjoy for example hot drinks, crepes cooked by an open fire and fried sausages. The amazing views carry out all the way to Pallas fells.

Café Panorama Laavu’s heart is the open fire. From the shelter of the forest, you can admire the northern lights in winter or midnight sun during the summer time. The Laavu’s front wall is made of glass, so you are not exposed to the chill winter weather. Next to Café Panorama Laavu, you can also find a scenic tower, from where you can see the Lappish scenery even further.

When Laavu is open there's staff to sell and prepare savory and sweet treats and drinks. Café Panorama Laavu is open in winter season. On request, it is also possible to organize group dinners – how about our own Lappish miso soup or glow-cooked salmon? Laavu has a license to serve alcohol.

Seats: 40 / 14
Specialties: Views, glass wall, open fire, sausages cooked by open fire, crepes