Contact information and location

Hotel Levi Panorama

Tunturitie 205, 99130 Levi

Tel. +358 16 336 3000
Fax +358 16 336 3010
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Hotel K5 Levi

Kätkänrannantie 2, 99130 Levi

Individual bookings ja request
Tel.+358 16 639 1100
Fax +358 16 639 1333
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Levi Summit

Tunturitie 205, 99130 Levi

Tel. +358 16 336 3000
Fax 016 336 3010


Group and meeting reservations, events
mo-fri from 9am-4pm
Tel. +358 40 456 2059
Fax +358 16 336 3010
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Connections to Koutalaki (Hotel Levi Panorama ja Levi Summit)

Levi Express Gondola lift from Levi centre


By car

From Levi center roughly 2 kilometers south on Levintie, from which turn to Tunturie between Rautia hardware store and Neste petro station. Continue 2 km and You will arrive to Koutalaki. Kittilä and Levi Taxi serves is at your service at tel. +358 200 99800.

How to get to Levi

Levi is situated only a 15 minute drive away from the Kittilä Airport, and an hour drive from the nearest train station in Kolari.

By plane to Levi


By train

By train you will reach either Rovaniemi or Kolari. There are buses leaving from each train to Levi. Distances: Rovaniemi – Levi 170 km (about two hours by car) and Kolari – Levi 80 km (about an hour by car).

Schedules and price information:
VR, tel +358 600 41900, www.vr.fi

Car rental


Weddings and celebrations

Unforgettable celebration or wedding at Levi

Perhaps Levi could be the place for your dream wedding? Or how about holding a birthday party, a graduation party, a christening or a company party in the midst of the beautiful scenery of Levi fell? Hotel Levi Panorama, Event Centre Levi Summit and Hotel K5 Levi all offer several different spaces for successful celebrations or wedding parties. In perfect parties, you don’t need to worry about the comfort of your guests or the dull practical arrangements: if you wish, we can provide you with all the necessary services, ranging from performers and activities to bus and gondola lift transports. High-quality accommodation and unforgettable celebrations at Levi – the entire package customised to your wishes!

A wedding in the middle of the fell landscapes of Lapland

Have an unforgettable wedding in Lapland, in the light of the midnight sun or in the midst of the bright autumn colours or the winter wonderland of Levi fell. A unique wedding celebration in the fell scenery of Finnish Lapland is easy to arrange at Hotel Levi Panorama or Event Centre Levi Summit. You can enjoy your wedding day without any worries, as our professional staff ensures that everything runs smoothly and your guests are enjoying themselves. The event centre and hotel on the slopes of Levi fell give your wedding a unique venue with a fantastic view, and you can pick and choose from many restaurants with different styles. Whether you are planning a princess wedding of your dreams for all your family and friends or a small, intimate wedding event in Lapland, Hotel Levi Panorama and Event Centre Summit offer you the perfect venue.

Dinner at a scenic restaurant at Levi

Our restaurants cater your events with the most delicious flavours and mouth-watering menus. Dinner, lunch, brunch or a cocktail party – the menus are always planned together with you so that they suit your event perfectly. The restaurants use high-quality, local or regional ingredients, and meals are prepared from scratch by the talented kitchen staff. They will also help you to select the best beverages and wines to complement the dishes and make sure that the service goes smoothly.

A stylish and elegant scenic restaurant located on the first and second floor of the hotel.

Gold Digger Bar & Lounge
A gold panning themed restaurant with a fantastic view, on the seventh floor of the hotel.

Event Centre Levi Summit
A centre next to Hotel Levi Panorama with flexible and easily adjustable premises.

Spiella Café & Restaurant

An atmospheric scenic restaurant with a fireplace in Event Centre Levi Summit.

Bistro K5 Levi
A welcoming, cozy restaurant in the centre of Levi, in Hotel K5 Levi.

Saamen kammi
Authentic Lappish delicacies in the warmth of open fires. This restaurant is located in the courtyard of Hotel K5 Levi.

Contact the GoLevi.fi sales services for more information!

A honeymoon trip or a wedding night under the midnight sun

How would you like a honeymoon trip to Levi fell, surrounded by the summertime nature of Finnish Lapland? Summer in Lapland offers a wide range of activities and the weekly programme has activities for every day. If you are not feeling active but are looking for the peace and quiet of nature, instead, you can go for a hike and listen to the endless silence of the fells. Hiking routes start right from the hotel doors. Nature and fell landscapes are also present in Hotel Levi Panorama; you can admire the beautiful views also from the rooms of our scenic hotel. Restaurant Panorama offers a delicious, plentiful buffet breakfast as well as tasty dinners, made with local ingredients, of course.

Hotel package for honeymoon or wedding night at Hotel Levi Panorama

The price includes 3 nights in a room of the category of your choice, a plentiful buffet breakfast, the hotel's welcome gift in your room after checking in (a bottle of bubbly and snacks) and a delicious dinner for two on the day of your choosing. At the dinner, you will be served the chef´s three course surprise menu.

Request an offer for wedding and honeymoon packages from our sales services.

Reservations and inquiries

GoLevi.fi Sales service
Tel. +358 40 456 2059 (on weekdays between 9am and 4pm)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Rent a cinema

Cinema for private use at Levi

Cinema Levi Summit is a film theatre you can also rent for private use! Are you dreaming of a birthday party, a team-building day or a romantic movie night with your sweetheart and your favourite films in a private cinema? We can make even the wildest cinematic dreams come true!

The only cinema at Levi features the latest mainstream films, three hundred metres above sea level. Cinema Levi Summit is also the only licensed film theatre in Finland. In Café Spiella, you can enjoy refreshments before and after the film, and you can also bring your drink to the stands. The auditorium has two separate stands; 220 seats in the front and 216 seats in the back. The stands can be used as one large auditorium, or the space can be divided into two sections with a sound-proof wall. 3D technology can be used in Cinema Levi Summit.

Movie schedule of Cinema Levi Summit.
Contact the GoLevi.fi sales services for more information!

Ask for a quotation

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Hotel Levi Panorama

The only slope side hotel in Levi offers luxury for skiers! Levi ski pistes are accessible directly from the hotel.


Hotel K5 Levi

hotelk5 200

Small and cosy hotel is your "home away from home" in the Levi resort centre.


Chalets K5 Levi

Number one choice for those who travel with a bigger company or seek privacy and peace.


Levi Chalets

High standard holiday apartments next to ski pistes. Hotel Levi Panorama restaurants and other services are at a door step .


Congresses and meetings

Levi Summit

Congress and Exhibition Centre Levi Summit offers a unique setting for meeting and conferences, multipurpose facilities and hi-tech equipment.


K5 Levi meetings

Hotel K5 Levi offers meeting facilities for 12 to 80 attendees.


Food and drink

Restaurant Panorama


Restaurant Panorama is a bright and airy restaurant in the second floor of the hotel.



Restaurant Vetta

The hotel's atmospheric á la carte restaurant Vetta is located in the main floor of the hotel and serves a tasty menu with a Lappish twist.


Gold Digger Bar & Lounge

Gold Digger offers breathtaking views over the Levi village and surrounding fells and plains.


Spiella Café & Restaurant

Perched high on the hillside of Levi Fell, Spiella Café & Restaurant is an atmospheric scenic café and restaurant.


Bistro K5

Bistro K5 serves as the breakfast and dinner restaurant for hotel guests.  


Saamen Kammi

One of the few genuine Sámi restaurants in the world. Kammi, a traditional Sámi earth lodge, is dug partly underground and offers a very special, cozy and warm atmosphere.