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The Fours Winds Festival will be held for the second time from 9th to 14th September 2014.

The festival will once again bring the conducting course led by Ari Rasilainen to Levi, in addition to which the programme will include classical music and a wide range of other high-quality music. This year, the audience will be able to enjoy music performed by the large Saimaa Sinfonietta orchestra, which comprises 37 members, in addition to Finnish sopranos Laura Pyrrö and Hanna Kronqvist.

Kolbjörn Holthe, a world-class violinist from Norway, and Dionysis Grammenos, an internationally awarded Greek clarinet player, will also appear at the festival.

In 2014, the Four Winds Festival will also feature ethno music. The album release concert for the solo album of the successful Finnish folk metal musician Jonne will be held in connection with the festival. Jonne Järvelä, the frontman of the internationally acclaimed music group Korpiklaani, draws his influence from ethno and folk music, as well as joiks. Jonne’s album is captivating in its intensity, and will create its own genre within the field of ethno music. The concert by Jonne at Levi Summit on Friday 12th September will surely attract the attention of both Finnish and international audiences.

The Sami joik singers Niiles-Jouni Aikio and his son Ante Aikio Saimaa will take to the stage as soloists with Saimaa Sinfonietta. Combining joik music with a classical orchestra has been the long-time dream and goal of Ari Rasilainen, the festival’s artistic director. Niiles-Jouni is an experienced joik singer, who has also frequently performed abroad. He has composed, arranged and written lyrics to numerous joiks for other artists.

Despite his young age, Ante magnificently carries on his father’s legacy, and has gained recognition from Unesco for his role in spreading the Sami cultural heritage.


Ari Rasilainen

The festival's artistic director Ari Rasilainen serves as a professor of conducting at Würzburg Music Academy in Germany. Over the years, he has organised several conducting courses around the world, and he will be visiting Levi, Finland, with his students this year, as well.e, try conduct

The purpose of the festival in Lapland is to perform the kind of music that does justice to the magnificent setting. The audience will also have the opportunity to participate in a crash course in conducting an orchestra!

The participants in the conducting course and the American baritone John Pflieger added an international flair and expertise to the festival, when it was held in Levi in 2013. This year, we are pleased to announce that we have invited several more international virtuosos as soloists. Kolbjörn Holthe, one of today's top Norwegian violinists, possesses a level of skill we don't often get to hear in Finland. The same can naturally be said about Dionysis Grammenos, the Greek clarinet player who won the Eurovision Young Musicians competition in 2008.

Ari Rasilainen, the festival's artistic director: "I am very happy and proud to be able to bring international conducting students and other talented musicians to Levi, as I consider myself to have roots here.
This beautiful and peaceful environment allows the mind rest."

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