Hotel K5 Levi

Kätkänrannantie 2
FIN-99130 LEVI

Tel: +358 16 639 1100
Fax: +358 16 639 1333
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Levi Summit

Tunturitie 205
FI-99130 LEVI

Tel: +358 16 336 3000
Fax: +358 16 336 3010

Sales service

Reservations for groups, meetings and events

mon - fri  09.00-16.00
Tel: +358 40 456 2059
Fax: + 358 16 336 3010
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How to get to Levi

Levi is situated only a 15 minute drive away from the Kittilä Airport, and an hour drive from the nearest train station in Kolari.

By plane to Levi:

-Finnair flies between Helsinki and Kittilä all year round and daily
-Norwegian has several weekly flights during the winter season

Flight schedules and price information:

By train to Levi:

By train you will reach either Rovaniemi or Kolari. There are buses leaving from each train to Levi. Distances: Rovaniemi – Levi 170 km (about two hours by car) and Kolari – Levi 80 km (about an hour by car).

Schedules and price information:
VR, tel +358 600 41900, www.vr.fi

Car rental:


How to get to Hotel Levi Panorama and Levi Summit

Levi Express Gondola

The easiest way to get from Levi village center to Levi Panorama and Levi Summit is to use the Levi Express Gondola lift. You can use it with or without ski equipment.

Opening hours summer 2018
Until 7.6. - closed for maintenance
8.6.-30.8. - open at 10.00-18.00
31.8.-30.9. - open at 10.00-21.00

Opening hours winter 2018-2019
Preliminary info: open 9.30-21.00 (will be confirmed later)

Ticket price 5 € / person (will change to 7,50 € in winter 2018-2019)

Shuttle bus to Hotel Levi Panorama

During the winter season, our shuttle service is available every 30 minutes between Hotel Levi Panorama and Hotel K5 Levi.
Price of the shuttle bus is 3 € / one-way or 5 € / return. With a 10 € restaurant receipt from Bistro K5 or Restaurant Panorama, you get a free shuttle ticket.

Operating days for winter 2018-2019 in not yet released.

Departures from Hotel K5 Levi (from the center) to Hotel Levi Panorama

At 21:30, 22:00, 22:30, 23:00, 23:30

Departures from Hotel Levi Panorama to Hotel K5 Levi (to the center)

At 21:15, 21:45, 22:15, 22:45, 23:15, 23:45