Multipurpose facilities and hi-tech equipment make Levi Summit a first-class venue for diverse events from small, private occasions to conferences for more than 400 attendees.


The auditorium features an EAW line array speaker system that covers every one of the 435 seats located in the hall. The system is designed to reinforce sound of anything between speech to a live concert. AKG wireless microphone system, consisting of 7 channels, is also located in the auditorium. The system can be used to reinforce the speech of multiple speakers at once enabling a wireless panel discussion. The sound system of the auditorium is controlled by a Yamaha LS9-32 digital mixing console which has versatile features, for example it can be used to record the audio of the conference (ask for more info).

The auditorium also features a wide range of lightning equipment. To light up the stage, the venue offers multiple types of moving heads and spotlights. These lights enable us to create just the right atmosphere with colours, shapes and even movement to suit your needs. The light isn’t just limited to the stage either. The ceiling and walls can be lit
up with over 70 LED-lights to create a memorable event. The lights are operated by a Jands Vista T4 console.

The video equipment is controlled by an AMX media management system. The auditorium has 4 projectors. Maximum size of the projected image of a single projector is 4 x 3 m.
The stage has a 12x6m projection screen which can fit up to 3 different projections at once. Video input source for the projectors can be changed between computer’s video output, DVD/VHS-player or TV-signal.

The auditorium can be divided in two parts by using a soundproof movable wall. When the auditorium is split, both parts have individual AV-systems.

Levi Summit conference rooms

Levi Summit features 6 excellent conference rooms with an amazing view. In the conference rooms you can have a meeting while enjoying the unforgettable scenery of Lapland. The conference rooms can be enlarged to suit your needs by combining the rooms together. Every room is equipped with individual video and audio systems. These systems can also be combined to fit the space.

The central radio

Levi Summit has a central radio system which allows making announcements and CD/Radio playback. By using the central radio music and announcements can be heard all over the building, where ever they are needed.


Levi Summit offers free of charge wireless internet connection.