Cinema Levi Summit movies

Tickets 10 € adults, 7,50 € children under 12 years and with Levipass.

Movie tickets can be bought from Levi Summit. Ticket sales opens 30min before the movie.

With Cinema Levi Summit’s movie ticket voucher packs, you save money! Ticket voucher packs are available in Spiella Café & Restaurant. The opening times vary in summer and winter season. Five voucher pack 45 € and 10 voucher pack 90 €. Tickets are valid one year of purchase and we reserve the right to make changes.

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Elokuvat viikko 47 / Movies week 47

To/Thu  21.11.   Klo 17 Täydellinen joulu [K12, 1h35min]  
La/Sat 23.11.   Klo 17 Terminator: Dark Fate [K16, 2h10min] Klo 20 Tarhapäivä [K12, 1h38min]
Su/Sun 24.11. Klo 14 Perhe Addams [K7,1h28min] Dubattu
Klo 17 Täydellinen joulu [K12, 1h35min]  

Elokuvat viikko 48 / Movies week 48

 Pe/Fri 29.11     Klo 20 Tarhapäivä [K12, 1h38min]
La/Sat 30.11.     Klo 20 Terminator: Dark Fate [K16, 2h10min]
Su/Sun 1.12.   Klo 17 Täydellinen joulu [K12, 1h35min]