Samiland Exhibition

Samiland is a part of the worldwide UNESCO Observatory Cultural Village program. Exhibition is located in the Levi Summit Congress Centre in the Levi ski resort in Kittilä, Lapland.

Samiland includes an indoor exhibition (500m²) and an outdoor exhibition (10,000m²), which present the history and present day of the European Union’s only indigenous people, the Sami.

In the indoor exhibition visitors can study the national costumes and everyday objects of the different Sami groups, which are described and illustrated with pictures. The indoor exhibition also introduces reindeer herding in greater detail. Visitors can read stories about old reindeer herders and observe, in real time, the movements of a reindeer with a GPS transmitter collar.

In the outdoor exhibition visitors follow a 300-metre path, along which different kinds of traditional Sami buildings have been built. The purpose of each building is described in detail. The buildings have been furnished in traditional styles, depicting how Sami people have lived during different periods. The outdoor exhibition also features a fence area where visitors can get close to reindeers and feed them lichen.

Samiland offers guided tours in Finnish and English, with traditional Sami joiku (yoik) singing as an optional extra. Samiland will offer different kinds of seasonal workshops where visitors can learn about Sami handicraft or suopunki (reindeer lasso) throwing.

Samiland entrance fees and opening hours

Opening hours, entrance fees and more information can be found from Samilands homepage: